The Rise of Rats and Vermin in London

Rat populations аrе rising. Fact. Тhеrе іs nо current accurate count оf thеіr population, аnd thеrе nеvеr hаs bееn а good educated guess; hоwеvеr urban pest control companies аrе noticing а mоrе thаn modest rise іn thе pests' numbers. Continue reading →

How to Tell If You Need Rat Pest Control on Your Property

Many homeowners and companies in the UK have to deal with the problem pest infestation. However, the sad truth is that many do not even know that they are currently infested. Actually, most people notice their infestation problems when it is too late, and this is not recommended since most pest problems can be dealt with effectively with rat pest control before they escalate. Continue reading →

Pest Control by Professionals

Pest control is something that people and companies should deal with as soon as possible. If this is addressed quickly, then it becomes possible to avoid damage to property and health issues. But if the pest problem is allowed to grow unchecked, a minor issue can become a major one very quickly. Continue reading →