Pest Control by Professionals

Pest Control by Professionals

Pest control is something that people and companies should deal with as soon as possible. If this is addressed quickly, then it becomes possible to avoid damage to property and health issues. But if the pest problem is allowed to grow unchecked, a minor issue can become a major one very quickly. It’s also important to make sure that the pests are removed thoroughly. The problem is that some attempts to remove these do not do enough or are not comprehensive enough. This is an issue because, since the pests are not all dealt with, they can come back fairly quickly.

Our company has staff with the training and knowledge needed to successfully root out all manner of pests. At the same time, we have the equipment and implements needed to get the job done. This is why our clients are satisfied with the services that we provide, and why our track record is a long and successful one. When it comes to pests, we offer comprehensive services. This means that we don’t just get rid of rats, cockroaches and the like. We can also deal with all manner of flying insects, and we can also help people or companies with an existing bird problem.

More specifically, when it comes to rodents, there are a number of interventions that we can carry out. One thing that people need to consider is that the science behind catching and removing rats is changing. It has been found that the traditional forms of bait that have previously been in use are no longer as effective as they once were. This makes it necessary to make use of new and updated bait. At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that the appearance of new rules, regulations and laws have meant that there are limits to the kinds of substances and toxins which can be used to remove rodents.

These are things that our professionals are aware of. Updated forms of bait are used, and new methods of rat removal have become the norm for our people. For example, one of the important steps is determining where the rats are moving and where they are located. Our company uses more advanced techniques for doing so, and these include the use of surveillance cameras that can capture footage in low light, and certain forms of dust which light up in response to movement. At the same time, while our personnel conduct their inspections, we can also advise the company on structural changes or repairs that can be done, to make it harder for rodents to enter your premises.

With respect to infestations of flying insects, there are also a number of specific interventions that our staff can provide. Given the small size of these insects and their mobility, it can be difficult for individuals and firms to truly get rid of the pests. When our staffs enter the picture, they adopt the strategy of excluding, restricting and destroying. Excluding the insects from the premises is an important first step. If they cannot enter a certain location, they will not be able to contaminate the food or items there.

That said; keeping flying insects out of certain areas can be difficult. Our company is able to deliver this through the use of customised barrier solutions, which allow us to effectively exclude insects no matter what the layout of the premises is like. For example, we are able to address smaller doors and doorways through the use of customised curtains composed of chain material. Now, if the doorways are much larger such as loading areas, curtains can be deployed which are made plastic strips. These have been shown to stop the movement of these kinds of insects, and exclude them from sensitive areas.

Restricting the ability of the flying insects to procreate is also important. If they are allowed to breed in an uncontrolled manner, then the infestation becomes that much harder to end. Our company can provide training to the employees of the company, aimed at informing them about key hygiene methods, which will help to reduce the likelihood of insect breeding. Our staffs also carry out thorough inspections so that breeding sites can be found. Once found, we provide photographs and specific advice to the client, on how to move forward. From there, we proceed to destroy the infestation through the use of both electric methods as well as the application of insecticides.

Another issue that our company can help with is the problem of feral birds. It’s important for people to keep in mind that certain types of fowl can carry diseases, as well as cause damage to property. Our staffs know how to address this pest problem, in ways that are humane as well as effective. These include a thorough inspection and assessment of the problem, the use of nets, installation of spikes or wire in key areas, the use of gels, as well as making use of birds of prey such as falcons. Our staff can also provide assistance when it comes to disinfecting areas that have been fouled by birds.