Warmer Weather Leads to an Increase in Moth Activity in London

Warmer Weather Leads to an Increase in Moth Activity in London

As temperatures rise each day, homeowners should expect an increase in moth activities. More often than not, common cloth moth and webbing moth are found in the dark areas of the property. These areas are where they breed and feed. Moths are often seen during the summer months and known to be attracted to artificial light. Although moths are not harmful to humans, they do cause a lot of damage to homes and agricultural crops.

As days become hotter compared to the previous months, the insects become more active. It has been observed that their population grows each year and have been moving beyond their normal ranges into new regions. The good news is that the population increase is observed among moths that live outdoors and not those that eat holes in clothes. While the population of cloth moths remains the same, they are more active when the weather becomes hotter.

Moths can be a pest to homeowners in London. Not only that the textile industry has lost millions of pounds each year because of moth infestations. Although they are not harmful to one’s health, they can be a pest to homes and businesses. Their larvae can damage fabrics, clothes, leather, carpets, and furs. The damage made by moth can last for several months that are why it is vital to control the moths as soon as possible.
The bad news is that moths tend to hide in places that are out of reach. While you might see moths flying around during warm weather, you might not be able to determine the place where they are hiding. One way to find out the source of the infestation is to call a professional pest control company.

A minor infestation can be controlled through products that can be bought from the store. But an established moth infestation is harder to deal with on your own, and you need to help of professionals. Some of the areas in which moths are usually found include under the beds, especially if the bedroom is carpeted; under woollen or antique rugs; in the attic; basements or cellars; and cupboards where you store linen and towels.

Signs of Moth Activity

Aside from seeing moths flying, there are several indicators that you are suffering from a moth problem. These include small holes in cloths, bald patches on carpets, maggot-like larvae, silken tubes, and adult moths that are crawling or already with wings.

To most people, moths are nothing more than annoyance that make holes in their favourite shirts. But moths can also contaminate your food storage if they are left alone. They can also multiply fast, especially during the warmer months of the year. When you employ the services of a professional pest control provider, they will be able to identify the source of the infestation right away and eradicate the moths from your property.