How to Spot Mice in Your Home

How to Spot Mice in Your Home

Mice have the right to live too. For some weird equation of the nature’s complex eco system, they can balance out the world’s biodiversity as we know it. However, they should never have a place as pests in your very own home. So how do you know if you have unwelcome pets in your house? Here are some ways for you to find out:

Bitten or Chewed on Food Labels

Does your food have tiny traces of nibbles on their packaging? Mice nibbles usually come in repetitive patterns, and they’re often unmistakable. They chew their way through cartons or even thin foils, and as a result, debris of food would scatter right where they’re placed. These are actually prone to sicknesses such as Salmonella and Hantavirus (symptoms include headaches, chills, vomiting and diarrhoea among others).

Hearing Squeaking Sounds

Mice tend to have a distinct sound when they shout or squeak. Squeaking is actually their way of communicating especially while gathering food or if they’re in a state of panic. If you hear a squeaking noise in your house, then this means they’re probably out to get your stored food or even be comfortable enough to run around the floors of your property. At this point, they no longer snoop or spy on the possibility of cozying up in your space, because they probably have settled in with their built nests.

Rattling Noise on Your Roof

If you also hear tiny feet or claws running on top of your roofs, then you either have a squirrel, a cat or mice roaming in your home. However, mice feet are more distinct since their steps have scratching sounds. Their steps are also quite close to each other; they almost sound continuous. Another characteristic would be if you hear their gnawing sounds. Since mice have bigger incisor teeth, it’s quite unfortunate how they have the ability to pry some corners of your roof open for easy food access. This would definitely take a toll on your investments.

Mice Droppings

Do you frequently find dark coloured, granular shaped materials at the bottom of your drawers or in any dark corner of your house? Then these would probably be mice droppings. It would be advisable to never touch these and use gloves as you clean up the faeces. Touching these harmful wastes will definitely lead to sickness. It is then advised for you to spray some disinfectant on the affected area and with the use of a paper towel, wipe off the droppings, and place them in your garbage bag. If all these signs are present and evident, then you most likely have mice lurking in your house. To fully exterminate them, it’s best to call specialists to ensure your health’s safety today.